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The NACAC Guide to College Admission

The National Association of College Admissions Counselors is a fantastic organization of high school, college admissions, and independent counselors dedicated to helping students make informed decisions about post-secondary education. The document below is a comprehensive guide to the admissions process.

College & Career Planning Resources

Glossary of Terms

Assorted College Board Handouts

SUNY Admissions Summary

College Notes

When you're visiting college websites, all the fancy drone shots and ivy-covered buildings can start to blend together after a while.  :)  If you're spending time researching colleges (good job!), you want to make sure it's productive.  We suggest having the college site open in one tab, and something to take notes in another tab/app.  Below is a template that students can copy to their drive.  Ultimately, students should use whatever is most convenient for them.

Note Taking Template

Structure of College

The slides below (basic) and video (extended) give an overview of how college is set up and what students need to do in order to graduate.


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