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Why does the PTO fundraise?
That question arises each year -- and it isn't unique to Clarence Middle. Across the country, parents organize events to raise money to supplement their children's education. Below are some frequently asked questions about why the PTO fundraises -- and where that money goes.

Why do we need to fundraise?
School budgets go toward buildings, utilities, salaries, buses, books, and administrative costs. Things like books in the library, technology in the classroom -- even the musical play and cast party – are NOT included. The PTO parents have decided that these additional educational "enhancements" -- are important and have sought to purchase them through fundraising.

What other types of "enhancements" do we fund?
Last year, in addition to the usual items (assignment books, recognition breakfasts, 8th-grade picnic and dance, just to name a few) the PTO also purchased Epson Projectors for classrooms, pencil sharpeners, books, new software, teaching tools and supplies for many classrooms.

What about all the extracurricular events?
The PTO provides and organizes volunteers for the Student Council Activity Nights and other school functions.

How do you decide which enhancements to do?
The PTO has monthly meetings that are open to all parents and suggestions can be made and discussed.

How do you decide which fundraisers to do?
We look for programs that provide good value for parents and a fair return on investment for the many hours spent by our volunteers. Some do require parents to make a purchase. We try and provide a mix of fundraisers -- parents choose to participate in ONLY those with which they feel comfortable. We also provide a “buy-out-plan”.

What is the “Buy-out plan”?
For those parents who do not wish to participate in the fundraisers, but still wish to contribute to our school, CMS offers a “buy-out-plan.” A tax-deductible donation of $25.00 would cover the cost of what we would generally make from your family in fundraising. Access the file below to find a buy-out form. Complete the form and return it to the school with your check.