• Goals: To produce a positive record of the school year.
    Yearbook demands commitment. Mature, dedicated students with strong organizational skills should apply. Yearbook members need to be disciplined, well-organized leaders who have a good eye for detail and who have a flexible time schedule. Freshmen and Sophomores who are interested in photography, writing and design may apply to be on the yearbook staff. 

    2020 Yearbook


    Order the 2020 Yearbook at www.balfour.com

    Here is what the website looks like:

    Screen capture of Balfour

    2020 Senior Yearbook Photos
    Deadline: October 4th, 2019
    You may use any photographer you wish.
    If you do not submit a photo, only your name will appear in the yearbook.
    Head and shoulder photos please. Do not submit full body photos.
    No props, hats, sunglasses, cars, animals or sport equipment.
    Please make sure clothing adheres to the Student Code of Conduct.
    2x3 inches, 300 dpi (600x900 pixels), jpeg, file name: last name first name
    Please send the images as an attachment to : pscumaci@clarenceschools.org
    Please do not "share" your image through a third party internet service.
    Please do not "embed" the photo in a word file.
    Most common mistakes to avoid:  poor photo quality, small file size (your file should be about 500 kb), submitting a horizontal photo instead of a verticle head and shoulders photo, missing name for the file.
    Please contact me with additional questions.  I am happy to help. Mr. Scumaci 
    Click below for the 2020 Senior Photo PDF.
    Additional Yearbook Info 
    Senior Quotes will be submitted electronically during September.
    Senior Class photo will be taken right before the Pep Rally.
    Senior Parent Patron info will be posted in September.
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