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    With music and lyrics by Jerry Herman and a book by Harvey Fierstein, La Cage aux Follesnote  is a hilarious, touching, thought-provoking, classic story about family and tolerance. Many will recognize the story from the 1996 hit comedy film, The Birdcage, starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. The show was a massive success on Broadway, winning 6 Tony Awards including Best Musical. Set in Saint-Tropez, France, the story centers around a gay couple, Georges and Albin. Georges is the proprietor and master of ceremonies of the eponymous, popular nightclub, La Cage aux Folles, meaning Crazy Birdcage, and Albin is the club's headlining star, performing as his celebrated alter ego, "Zaza". Their son, Jean-Michel, returns from a holiday to inform them about his engagement to his girlfriend, Anne Dindon. Unfortunately, Anne's father happens to be Edouard Dindon, the notoriously hyper-conservative Deputy General of the Tradition, Family & Morality Party...who is on his way to meet the potential in-laws. To make things even better, Jean-Michel lied about his family, telling them Georges is a retired military veteran and married to a woman in the hopes of winning the Dindons over.  La Cage aux Folles is intended for high school aged students and older.

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