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Board of Education Meeting Adjourned

Clarence School Community,

In order to conduct school business, each month we hold regular meetings which are open to the public. To provide the type of orderly, respectful environment that is needed for thoughtful dialogue, we have a set of meeting procedures that are communicated in advance.

Unfortunately, last night we chose to adjourn our meeting when a number of individuals refused to follow the established safety guidelines. While we acknowledge that people hold differing views when it comes to certain COVID protocols, as elected representatives, we are bound to follow the safety requirements established by State and local officials.

We know that in order to maximize outcomes for students, it is critical that we hear from parents and district residents. As we move forward, please know that we are committed to serving all members of our school community. We recognize that we all share the same objectives when it comes to doing what is best for kids, and we ask for your help in finding common ground in the days and weeks ahead.  


Clarence Board of Education