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Erin's Law

November 22, 2022

Dear Clarence Families,


New York State introduced Erin’s Law into legislation in July 2020. This law requires all public schools in New York to provide annual prevention education about sexual abuse and exploitation of children to their students. The district will begin incorporating this annual prevention education into school-based presentations in grades K-8 during the month of December.

The Clarence Central School District has partnered with the Child Advocacy Center at BestSelf to provide Erin’s Law programming for our students. Lessons will be provided in a developmentally appropriate manner and will stress the importance of staying safe and identifying trusted adults who can help in difficult situations. Students will learn about personal safety, specifically focused on: 

  • empowering them to speak up to be safe or to help another student who may not feel safe, 

  • understanding that communication is key with trusted adults at home, in the community, and at school, 

  • helping to make all of us aware of how to keep each other safe and how to seek help when they do not feel safe, 

  • learning about safe, unsafe, and unwanted touches and rules about privacy and personal body safety. 

If you wish to review the objectives of the mandated programming, information is available at NYSED Erin’s Law website. If you should have additional questions, please feel free to reach out to your child’s school counselor or building principal.

​As always, we appreciate your support and partnership as we work to keep our students safe and healthy.


Kristin Overholt, Ed.D.