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School Budget and Board Election Results

Dear Clarence School Family,

On behalf of our entire school community, we would like to extend our appreciation to everyone who took the time to vote today. Because our budget for the 2023-2024 school year was approved by a vote of 2,031 to 719, we will be able to maintain the educational programs and services that make Clarence a destination district in Western New York. We are fortunate to live in a community that values public education, and we are looking forward to the coming school year with much excitement and gratitude. 

Please know that we are thankful for your partnership and humbled by your support. 


Michael Fuchs, President
James Boglioli, Vice President
Tricia Andrews
Kym Cannizzaro
Joshua Lynch
Dennis Priore
Dawn Snyder

Proposition #1: Proposed Budget

  • Yes: 2,031
  • No: 719

Proposition #2: Bus and Vehicle Purchase

  • Yes: 2,053
  • No: 702

Proposition #3: Authorization to Establish a Capital Reserve

  • Yes: 1,716
  • No: 1,038

Board of Education Positions (3 Seats)

  • Tricia Andrews: 1,905
  • Cindy Magera: 1,915
  • Cybil Robbins: 906
  • Dawn Snyder: 1,966