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Lenovo/MIT App Inventor Project

Academy of Business and Finance Students participated in the Lenovo/MIT App Inventor Project which was a partnership between NAF and Lenovo. Students identified a problem, analyzed the problem and developed an app to solve that problem.


This app serves as the perfect solution for teens and young adults to explore new places near them, and, find a place to go out with friends, that has an ambiance best suited for their mood.



The app is intended to help remind you of when assignments are due. It was created to increase

productivity in students. It is our hope that this app can be integrated into our student learning management system, Schoology.


Reading Adventures

The goal of this app is to encourage kids to read more. The choose your own adventure aspect of the game encourages active reading and children to broaden their imagination with a text-based only game.



This app is an alternative way to track daily food consumption. Instead of getting numbers and percentages, this app lets you focus on portion size and content by visually logging your food.